Segway Navimow Checklist

Dear customer:

Welcome to the Segway Navimow Checklist.

Segway Navimow is an intelligent robotic lawn mower which promises a perfectly cut lawn without any perimeter wire. We sincerely appreciate your interest towards our product. However, each garden is unique and the actual working conditions for the mower is unpredictable. For an optimal user experience, we strongly recommend answering this checklist that includes various questions about the condition of the lawn before making your purchase decision. This collects diverse information, such as the shape of the lawn or whether there are large trees on the surface that could block the signal, which determines if the device will have the best performance on the lawn.

It will take you approximate 5-10 minutes to complete this checklist. Your data will be treated anonymously and confidentially. Passing data to third parties is ruled out.

Thank you in advance for taking your time in completing this checklist.

Yours Sincerely,
Segway Navimow Team