Navimow H Series

Navimow H Series

Navimow H Series
Choose Life
without Boundaries
From € 1,399
Simple and quick setup
Mowing efficiency greatly improved
Perfect Results
High-frequency, precision cutting for a flawless lawn
Multiple sensors guarantee next-level safety and reliability
Multiple sensors guarantee next-level safety and reliability
Perfect Results
High-frequency, precision cutting for a flawless lawn
No more than 54dB(A) noise emission
Precise positioning with EFLS tracks your mower location all the time

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Segway Navimow, the truly automated robotic mower, uses a virtual boundary, eliminating the need for complicated perimeter wiring. Easy to operate and manage, Navimow gives you more free time to do the things you love and an effortlessly impeccable lawn with every use.

Say Goodbye to Complicated Perimeter Wiring

Use the app to connect Navimow with your smart phone, and then just follow the instructions in the app. Setup is a breeze.

  • Mapping for Multiple Zones
  • Map Editing
  • Off-limit Island
  • VisionFence-off Zone

EFLS for Centimeter-level Accuracy

Compared with GPS, the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System significantly improves positioning accuracy. Combining data from multiple sensors, Navimow can handle even the most complex terrains while mowing in the most efficient pattern possible.

Planned Routes Bring You Picture-Perfect Lawn

Navimow's smart navigation algorithm can plan the most efficient cutting route, eliminating repetitive movements and delivering impressive results. Well-planned mowing patterns ensure an evenly-cut lawn and prevent missed cuts. Each time a mowing task is done, the mowing direction automatically changes so your lawn can stay healthy and always look fresh.

Once the mowing progress reaches 100%, the mower will change its direction. This guarantees a healthy and sustainable lawn.

With VisionFence, Mowing is Smarter than Ever.

Equipped with advanced AI technology, VisionFence Sensor enables your Navimow to detect various objects and mow even more intelligently.

Handle all kinds of complicated environment by deep learning
Visual detection used for obstacle avoidance
Always stay within boundary even in corner cases

Navimow App, Your Personal Mowing Assistant.

Full control of your Navimow via the app, mowing is easy and effortless.

Set up mowing schedules for multiple zones

Mon . Fri
Tue . Wed

Monitor Navimow status in real-time

Remotely start mowing tasks or send mower home

With OTA, Always Stay Updated.

Intelligence grows with each OTA update, your Navimow upgrades itself through Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Easily Traverse Any Lawn

Thanks to years of expertise that Segway has gained in short-distance transportation, Navimow is powerful enough to conquer even the most complex terrains. With a 14-bit magnetic positioning sensor, the rotating speed and torque of the hub motor are well programmed. The torque output is increased to the maximum when rotating at low speeds, allowing the mower to easily handle bumpy or uneven surfaces.

Hub motor
Hub motor
Easily climb slopes up to 45%
50 mm off-road tires
50 mm off-road tires
Handle all types of terrains
10.2 Ah battery
10.2 Ah battery
Mow up to 3000 ㎡ area
Offset blades
Offset blades
Cover hard-to-reach areas

Safety is Always our Priority

When encountering any hard object, the mower will reverse and continue in another direction. Safety measures like the lifting sensor and the bumper sensor can ensure the utmost safety for you and for your lawn.

Object Avoidance with VisionFence
Bumper Sensor
Lifting Sensor
Tilting Sensor
Bumper Sensor

Your Mower is Well-protected

If the mower moves outside its virtual boundary, you will receive an alert along with real-time location information in the app.

  • Super Quiet
    The 54 dB(A) noise level is so quiet that weekends may never sound the same.
  • Easy to Clean
    IP66 waterproof, for weather durability and easy washing.
  • Life is Simpler
    Navimow gives you more free time to do the things you love.

Excellent Quality, Definitely Trustworthy.

  • High/Low Temperature Test
  • Impact Test
  • Water Resistance Test
  • Drop Test
  • UV Resistance Test
  • Button Durability Test

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