Antenna Extension Kit

extension kit.jpg


Extension kit for antenna installation on the wall or roof, which improves GPS satellite signal reception.

Overall Information 

If the signal is poor with the antenna installed from the ground, the Antenna Extension Kit allows you to install the antenna at a higher position. A whole set of tools with self-tapping screws, expansion cube, and extension cable included, the kit has everything you need.

Package Conten

Installation base × 1, center column × 1, extension cable × 10 m, expansion tube × 4, self-tapping screw × 4

Package Dimensions 

165 ×  82  × 255 mm (6.49 × 3.22 × 10.03 in)

Net Weight

Approx. 635 g (1.40 lbs)

Gross Weight

Approx. 860 g (1.90 lbs)

Applicable Robot Mower

Navimow H Series, Navimow i Series