Navimow i Series

Navimow i Series

Wire free, worry free.
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  • No Perimeter Wires
  • RTK + Vision, Handle Yards With Tall Trees
  • AI-assisted Mapping
  • Efficient, Flawless Lawn Maintenance
  • VisionFence Identifies 20+ Types Of Obstacles
  • Smart Mowing Assistant

Embrace the simplicity of wire-free

Quick, wire-free setup

Connect and control your robotic mower using the Navimow app. With just a few taps, you can set virtual boundaries, mark off-limit islands, and draw safe channels to connect multiple zones.

EFLS 2.0, Vision-enhanced, fits all gardens

EFLS 2.0: an AI-enhanced GNSS location system provides stable centimeter-level positioning to handle an incredibly diverse range of lawn layouts.

When the satellite signal is weak, secure Navimow within boundary with vision, and provide extra safety.
When the satellite signal is weak, navigate with vision, and cover more corner cases.

Effortless mapping all the way

With the all-new AI-powered Assist Mapping feature, Navimow identifies the edges of your lawn during mapping and automatically navigates and maps the entire work area. *

* This feature is unavailable while adding off-limit islands and channels. Use with caution in areas with low light, unclear lawn boundaries, and height.

Ready for an ever-ready lawn?

Efficient, Flawless Lawn Maintenance

Mows your lawn exactly how you like it, intelligently recharges, and keeps mowing until the job is done. Changes mowing direction after 100% coverage, so your lawn stays healthy and looks fresh.

Ride-on, Right on.

Sets ideal boundaries to fit each part of your lawn and cuts right to the edge with a stunning level of precision.

Standard Boundary: Navimow will cut close to the edge and stay safely within it.

Anytime, anywhere, mow it your way.

Create a schedule for each area and let Navimow do the rest, even when you’re not around.

Even smarter

Smart object avoidance

VisionFence enables Navimow to proactively and smoothly avoid objects. A fish-eye camera with a 140-degree field-of-view provides a wide detection range, and built-in AI algorithms distinguish grass from other common objects.

Smart lawn care at your fingertips

Award-winning interactive design
Progress and Status Updates
Multi-zone Management
In-app Live Chat Support
Progress and Status Updates
Multi-zone Management
In-app Live Chat Support
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Innovative new features are continuously delivered through software updates, so your Navimow will get smarter and mow better.
Navimow can mow your lawn without full network coverage. OTA upgrades are available for free.

Extended connectivity with Navimow Access+ 4G module*

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*Sold separately, 1 year free data included
Keep your Navimow on your radar with Navimow app and get alerted.

Equipped for the outdoors

  • Handles slopes of up to 30% (16°)
  • 24.5cm (9.65 in) diameter front wheel with powerful traversing capabilities
  • IP66 waterproof, durable, and easy to clean
  • 58 dB(A) noise output level for a noticeably quieter experience
  • Automatically suspend mowing in adverse weather based on local weather forecasts.

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