Antenna Extension Pole



Lifts your antenna up to 2 meters to avoid signal blockage.

Overall Information 

Durable material made from carbon steel, fits perfectly with the antenna pole. Just add the one or two pieces of the extension poles to the antenna pole, depending on your needs, to extend the antenna pole to 1.5 meters (9.9 feet) or 2 meters (13.2 feet).

Package Conten

2 pcs of Antenna Extension Pole

Package Dimensions 

557 × 30 × 55 mm (21.9 × 1.2  × 2.2 in)

Gross Weight

Approx. 741 g (26.1 oz)

Net Weight

Approx. 663 g (23.4 oz)

Applicable Robot Mower

Navimow H Series, Navimow i Series